Navy Klaxons from the 1940s for SALE! Ah-Ooh-Ga!!
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I just got my American Submariner today and in it was an add for obtaining Navy Klaxons.  I would love to have one and am sure some of you would to.  The web page address where you can see them and also an email address where you can inquire about them is:
I have sent an email to them regarding pricing and how to get one. 


These klaxons were produced for the US Navy in the 1940's. Usually employed in fleet submarines for dive and as cease fire alarms on other Navy ships. These klaxons were made by Federal Electric Chicago Illinois.

They are 20 VDC 3.5 amp and produce the distinctive Ah-Ooh-Ga sound. We have both cast iron and cast bronze versions. When first produced in 1940, the early versions of theses horns were cast in bronze and Federal switched to cast iron later in the war to preserve bronze for other wartime uses. The horn projector, top plate and electrical plug(s) are steel in all cases.

These horns were war surplus and have not seen service but have been in storage since the 1940's. Dimensions: 61/2" H  x  7 1/2" L  x  7" W;  weight 16lbs.

Federal rates these horns for an output of 113dB(A) at 1 meter and 103dB(A) at 10 feet.

We believe that these horns are the only free available units; there is a limited quantity of them.

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What is the cost of the klaxons and shipping?
Thank you,

   Assume you have visited website ( ) and know what some of the mounts and electrical hookups look like. The larger junction box (photo # 1) is the battery set up and the smaller junction box (with the electrical plu-in cord) is the transformer hookup.
While there is standard prices for the mount and the electrical* hookups (transformer or battery options), the klaxons are separately priced dependent on type and condition.
These are all WW 2 surplus Model H8 but some are cast iron and other cast bronze**, and condition ranges from excellent (in box) to nicks/scrapes on the outside paint. We can send a brochure and photos of the limited quantity we have so you can judge them.
You are welcome to call for more info at 516 741 7560
* these are 20 VDC and we have located appropriate transformers and batteries to power them
** cast iron 1943-45 cast bronze 1940-43
Klaxon prices range from $350 - 950 (type & condition) with electrical and/or mount additional. We have some in poorer condition for less. They are all the same model / type H8 approx 7 L x 7 W x 7 D approx 16 lbs. They are unique and represent a very rare opportunity to own an authentic WW 2 era klaxon with its distinctive sound.
A simple mounted unit weighs 32 lbs (with board and transformer)  38 lbs (with battery arrangement).  Contact UPS or calculate, units ship from zip code 19464 (Pottstown PA)
Cyril Smith   516 741 7560

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Federal Electric 1940's Navy Klaxon Horn Type H8 Bronze Body - Ahoooooga! For auction here is a Federal H8 Navy Klaxon circa 1941-1942, popularly employed as the dive horn on submarines and as cease fire alarms on other Navy ships. This horn is one of the earliest H8 styles Federal ever made. This horn has a solid cast bronze body and is stamped with the U.S. Navy anchor logo.

This horn never saw service, it has been in storage since the 40's. It is complete, 100% original and working. The horn is in beautiful cosmetic shape, showing only minor scratches at the corners from being moved around in a warehouse a few times over the last 60 years. The projector is completely dent-free, very rare for these horns! Federal rates the output of the horn conservatively as 113dBA at 1 meter, 103dB(A) at 10 feet.

My own measurements show 121 dBA at 1 meter. Suffice to say, it's LOUD! Photos are of the actual unit for sale: Sales, Payment and Shipping Terms - Recommended Reading SHIPPING I ship only to the U.S. 50 states and Washington D.C..

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