2 Stories:  Collision between SSN and Turk freighter - fired Russian Navy Chief

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Agent Be-3736 reports in with two news items.
1.  USS PHILADELPHIA has collided with a Turkish freighter in the Persian Gulf yesterday, 5 August.  No damage reported to the submarine and no reports at all about the freighter.
2.  Russia's Navy Chief was fired for his handling of the recent incident of the Russian small submarine stranded at some 400 or 500 feet deep.  Reasons given were that he could not save the submarine using only Russian assets - and that he called in foreign help and thereby compromised military secrets.  It's a tough job balancing national security against the lives of the men in the boat but at least he left office on his own feet.  During the Stalin days, "fired" high ranking officers usually left office feet first and left a trail of blood behind.
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