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From: Lowell J Mix []
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 2:09 PM

Hello Americans,
I received this from one of our members today.  It gives another eye-witness account for the differences between what the media would have us think and what the reality is in the Katrina disaster area.  This is being sent to you for your information and confirmation of yet more media bias, and more importantly, to encourage you to keep praying for these helpless victims.  Note that all the victims are not just in New Orleans.  I might add that this supports what the 197-Photo Essay was showing, the bias of the media, although I wanted you to see it, not to hear it from me.  We are still working on getting those pictures for you and to you.  We have been able to determine that the web site was taken down by the photographer because Kodak was making a lot of money off the site, but the photographer was getting nary a cent.  We have been able to identify the photographer who is (was) a hotel worker in New Orleans from Nicaragua.  His name is: Alvaro R. Morales Villa.  He was using Kodak’s photosharing site as his "medium".  Some of our members and friends are trying to help him set up another private web site to put the Photo Essay on, but it will not be downloadable as was the original web site.  I will keep you informed as I have information to provide to you on this subject. 
Here is the eye-witness account I received today.  Please don't forget to pray for these people.

Lowell J. Mix
Think Tank Team Chairman
Subject: Fw: Note From New Orleans

Just take this for what it is worth. One person's viewpoint (but they are there and experiencing the reality first-hand.  They should certainly know.)
This note is from a girl named Robin.  She's in Louisiana and amid all the turmoil there.  When I read her story I got the chills, this is horrible.  I'm sending this to all of you to spread the word, PRAY.  Here's her note:

** We have had a battery operated TV so we've been getting local channels focusing on the situation there and here. I'm just getting the "national perspective" and its (ticking) me off!

First, this is not a racial thing. I'm sorry if all the reporters are seeing are black faces but if they would take their cameras to places like Slidell, Mandeville, Metairie and CHALMETTE! they would see a several thousand white faces being affected by this. Most of the tip of the boot that is Louisiana south and east of Baton Rouge is under water. Those people are stuck, too, waiting for help, dying, but all the news people can focus on is the Superdome.

Another misconception. The violence going on there is not the reaction of desperate people. Its typical New Orleans on any given Tuesday!!! Its a dangerous, dirty, drug infested place where the city police and city government is corrupt and useless. Volunteers are getting shot at and their cars vandalized. Helicopters are being shot at. Just another day in the city.

Another misconception. These poor people couldn't get out because they don't have cars. If the cameras show the city once the waters recede, you'll notice all the flooded out cars littering the streets. They couldn't all have been broken down before the storm hit . Yes, there are always people who do not have transportation. Part of making the call for a MANDATORY evacuation is that the city has to provide for transportation and/or shelter in the city. People stayed for the same reasons they always stay. They think the storm will turn and go in another direction. They think they can "ride it out." Or, they're just too (darn) lazy to pack up and leave.

Another misconception. The federal government was slow to respond. The president issued a state of emergency BEFORE the storm ever hit, unprecedented. This means that the full access of the federal government, be it military or civil, were at our governors' disposal. The levee broke early Monday afternoon. She did not call evacuation until Tuesday morning. You cannot call up National Guard units in 20 minutes. It takes time. The
governor and mayor are in high CYA mode at the moment.

The situation is bad here. Crime is becoming a problem in Gonzales and Baton Rouge where the evacuees are being housed. We live between the two cities and there is (a) pistol on my desk shelf as I type (yes, I know how to use it). Helicopters flying overhead all day, gas is running out, stores shelves becoming empty. Its like a war zone. Our kids are both here and are staying here until the crime situation gets in control and I fear it
will get worse before it gets better. Pray for us. **

SO, that's all I'm asking.  SEND this to your friends and right now say a prayer for the people going through this whole catastrophe.