WW1 German Submarine in New York Harbor?- Q & A
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Hi Jim and Ray,

Don't know about any ramming and if so, was an accident. There was a U-Boat in Baltimore Harbor twice before the USA entered WW I. That was U-DEUTSCHLAND, a cargo submarine, and they were received as heroes because they got past the British blockage not once but twice. However, once the USA entered WW I, there were no harbor penetrations in the USA as described.

However, after the end of the war, around 1920 or thereabouts, six German U-Boats were brought to the USA to help with the third Liberty Bond drive to more or less, show the American people the face of "the evil Hun", as propaganda portrayed them.

Three were sent to American ports on the east coast, two went through the Panama Canal and up the American west coast, and UC-97 came through the St. Lawrence Waterway to the Great Lakes ports. Ray is no doubt referring to one of these boats.

The three on the east coast were eventually scuttled off the east coast, the two in the west were scuttled off the west coast, and UC-97 was scuttled off Wilmette, Illinois about 30 miles north of Chicago.

Hope this helps - and Ray, please log onto www.sharkhunters.com  for full information about the U-Boats.

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Could you give some help here?

Jim Santos http://diodon349.com 

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Dear Sir:

My Father has told me years ago about the time, while serving in the US Navy, he was selected as a Crew Member of a "Prize Crew" aboard a captured German Submarine. He was selected because of his fluency with the German Language, and I was given to understand that the entire "prize crew" was also familiar with the language.

This was a necessity as all markings aboard were in German. At any rate, this particular Submarine was sailed to New York City, dates unknown, but presumably at the end of WW1, and on entry to the New York Harbor, was rammed by another vessel.

I remember seeing pictures afterward of the resulting damage.

 I has searched various sites for any mention of this event, assumming that it would have been noteworthy, but to no avail. I noted that your site has a large collection of data on German U-Boats, and hoped that you may be able to shed some light on the Boat in question, dates, etc.

Sincerely, Raymond Leger rleger@cfl.rr.com

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