U-Bootfarher ERNST GÖTHLING On Eternal Patrol

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Since 11-24-05

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When we were in Germany during this “Patrol”, we learned the sad news that our friend ERNST GÖTHLING (1225-1989) had begun his ‘Eternal Patrol’.


During the war, he was an enlisted man serving aboard U-26, one of only two Type I-A U-Boats in the Kriegsmarine. When Germany again built her Navy in the middle 1950’s, he rejoined & ultimately retired at the rank of Kapitänleutnant.


He was a good friend and a strong bridgepost in Kiel.  He would not allow anyone to speak badly about Sharkhunters.  We wish you fair winds and following seas always, ERNST.


Harry Cooper, Sharkhunters, International, http://sharkhunters.com