U-869 U-Who was a type IX-C 40 long range German u-boat
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The U-869 was a type IX-C 40 long range German u- boat. It was believed to have sunk off the coast of Gibraltar during the Second World War; however, it's discovery off New Jersey in 1991 and a search led by Capt. John Chatterton determined that the U-Who (as it was named prior to its identification) was indeed the wreck of the U-869. It is believed that the u boat was a victim of its own torpedo, which may have circled around and struck the sub. Today, the wreck is approximately 60 miles off the New Jersey coast resting in 230 feet of water.

U-869 with her crew on deck


U-869 with her crew on deck during boat's commissioning

Map showing the location of U-869 off North America, previously thought sunk off Spain

Map showing the location of U-869 off North America, previously thought sunk off Spain


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U-869 Coast Guard Combat Victory
The official credit given for this sinking is incorrect; see narrative below for details; the following chart lists the information listed in the official (and incorrect) sinking credit issued to the Allied warships USS Fowler and the French L'Indiscret.

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This German U-boat is of the IXC/40 class. It’s sinking is a mystery of controversy that may never be solved. The only thing that is a certainty is the vessel went down with all hands aboard and no survivors. The U-869 lies in 235’ of water and is broken into three sections. Draggers have hung nets on the wreck adding to its damaged state and lifting the forward deck. Due to the extreme depth this is a “mixed gas only” dive.

U-869/U-Who Expedition July 13-14, 2002

John Chatterton
His deep wreck discoveries include New Jersey's Mystery U-Boat (the U869 ? ... The U-869 was built at the Deschimag shipyard in Bremen and commissioned into ...

The third, the Type IXc U-869, sailing on her first patrol, was never heard from ... According to US military records, U-869 was sunk off Gibraltar in 1945. ...

Hitler's Lost Sub U-869n light of all the hype and hoopla concerning the U-869 (alias Hitler’s Lost Sub), and the amount of irrelevant and misleading information that has been ...

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Map showing the location of U-869 off North America, previously thought sunk off. Map showing the location of U-869 off North America, previously thought ...