U-534 doomed?
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As the click ticks, the time is running out for U-534.  She had to be moved for the new parking lot and apartments (flats) taking over the area where the maritime museum had been.  As you know, the other ships, which were afloat, were moved to another part of the harbor but U-534, sitting on a concrete pad, was not so easy.
Recently, U-534 was indeed moved - shunted to an out of the way section of the parking lot (the "dark" section it was reported) at a reported cost of about $150,000! 

That is a lot of money to just toss away, especially when the owner of the boat could have made an arrangement with Sharkhunters and our investors to take the boat over. 

However, the guy that the owner put in charge of this project is the one who threatened us with "an open hand or a closed fist".............whatever that means.  It is also reported that this underling is also running some kind of 'American Wild West' zoo in Denmark with buffalos and who knows what else - and the reports are that they are having some kind of problems at the zoo that take his attention away from U-534.

Our sad prediction is that, barring a miracle, this submarine will be broken up for scrap.
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