PLEASE STOP!!! Enough money gotten for Gross Admiral Karl Doenitz's marble crucifix fixed

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From: Harry Cooper []
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 6:18 AM
To: sharkhunters
Subject: PLEASE STOP!!!


A month or so ago, we reported that the giant marble crucifix at the head of the grave of Gross Admiral Karl Doenitz was urgently in need of repair, and the German Submarine Veterans Association as well as the German Officers Association, refused to give any help.  Our friends in Germany turned to Sharkhunters and asked if we would help - just a little.  They said that if we could send possibly $500.........maybe even $1, would be a big help toward the $6,000 they needed for the repairs.


We sent out the word via this HOT MAIL network, and to our deep satisfaction, our wonderful Members came through.  We have sent checks to Germany, but not for $500.  Not even for $1,000...............we have sent already MORE THAN $2,000!  On behalf of our friends in Germany and also for the family of the Gross Admiral, we thank you so very much!


But now I have to say - STOP!  ENOUGH ALREADY!  We were asked to help, not to do it all, so please don't send any more money for the restoration of the Crucifix.  It's going to get done and thanks to everyone who helped!


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