Ernst Goethling and Gerhard Richter U-Bootfahrers of WWII have died


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From: Harry Cooper []
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This is indeed, a sad email message - twice sad.


When we were in Germany, we learned that our Member and friend Ernst Goethling (1225-1989) had begun his "Eternal Patrol" this summer.  During the war, he was an enlisted man serving aboard U-26, one of only two Type I-A submarines in the Kriegsmarine. 


After the war, when Germany again built her Navy, he joined and eventually retired at the rank of Kapitaenleutnant.  He was a good friend and a strong bridgepost in Kiel. 


He would not allow anyone to speak badly about Sharkhunters.


About an hour ago, I received a telephone call from Herta Richter - her husband and our dear friend Gerhard Richter (214-1986) had begun his "Eternal Patrol" last Wednesday, 19 October.  During the war, he was radioman aboard U-81 most of her patrols including the Feindfahrt when they sank the aircraft carrier HMS ARK ROYAL in the Mediterranean. 


When his second Skipper, Hanno Krieg (199-+-1986) left the boat to take command of a squadron of one and two-man U-Boats, Gerry went with him and commanded his own BIEBER.  In the middle 1950's Gerry and Herta came to the USA where he ran his own company and was very active in his community and city government. 


He was a very good friend - he and Herta have been in our home many times and we have been in their.


Both were fine men and good Members of Sharkhunters.  They will be missed.



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Harry Cooper

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