Enough money in to fix the crucifix at the head of the grave of GrossAdmiral Karl Doenitz

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From: Harry Cooper [sharkhunters@earthlink.net]
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2005 3:12 AM
To: sharkhunters
Subject: GOOD NEWS!!!

A few weeks ago we were approached by friends in Germany who needed some money to restore the crucifix at the head of the grave of GrossAdmiral Karl Doenitz.  They said they needed perhaps $6,000 and because the VDU (German Submariner's Association) refused to give any money at all, they asked if Sharkhunters could help.  They said that it would be nice if we could donate $500 and it would be wonderful if we could donate even $1,000.
You will remember that we sent out a HOT MAIL message asking our Members to help if they could - any donation, no matter how small, was most welcome.
Our friends in Germany hoped for us to send $500........maybe even as much as $1,000 - our Sharkhunters Members came through with TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS to help restore the crucifix!  I am so proud to be a Member of such a super organization, and from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!  We have sent the $2,000 to Germany and the restoration should begin soon.  We will give update reports in our KTB Magazine as we receive them.  Since KTB #188 is finished and off to the print shop - AND eKTB #188 was sent yesterday to those Members getting the eKTB via the Internet, any news will be in KTB #189.
It is not necessary to send any more money - and thanks so much to those of you who did!
And now my wife would like me at home to enjoy our Thanksgiving Holiday here in the USA...............
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