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To all Sharkhunters Members and HOT MAIL recipients,


About a year ago, we reported that the days were numbered for U-534.  This is the U-Boat that was sunk by an RAF B-24 with Sharkhunters Member Neville Baker as navigator; found by Sharkhunters Member Aage Jensen and raised with our Sharkhunters Member Lars Sunn Pedersen in charge of the salvage effort.  We reported in early 2005 that time was running out for this boat.


Some of those at the warship memorial in Birkenhead, England (near Liverpool) hotly denied that there was any problem, but again we said that the boat's days were numbered and that the loud protestations to the contrary were merely damage control.


About a month ago, we received firm and absolute confirmation that all the warships in that 'museum' had to be moved because the former warehouse area was being turned into housing apartments.  No problem with the other warships as they were floating in the water and could easily be moved but poor U-534 was settled into concrete bunkers ashore and that is where the parking lot is going to be and without a German U-Boat in it!  It will not be so easy to move the boat and it sure won't be cheap, so the future is looking bleak for U-534.


We have been in contact with the owner of the boat, hoping to save her from being broken up on the site.  So far, the owner says that a few others are also interested in the boat and we hope that someone - ANYONE - will take proper care of this boat.  If there is no deal in place and very quickly, this submarine will be broken up and sold for scrap and that would be a very sad thing.


We will keep you informed as new developments take place, but as of this moment, the first of February 2006 is the end of any visitors being able to go to U-534.  We assume that the area will then be overrun with construction workers, turning the warehouses into housing apartments (flats) and very quickly thereafter, the work will begin on the parking lot and U-534 will have to go, one way or another.


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Harry Cooper


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