Disaster looming for U-534
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Subject: Disaster looming for U-534

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More and more it appears that disaster is about to overtake U-534.  One of our S.E.I.G. Agents has just informed us that U-534 has been moved from her keel blocks to a position further down the quay - in his words, basically to get it out of the way.
As you know, we contacted the owner some time ago and hoped to broker a deal for the boat to move her and keep her safe, but it did not work out.  FULL DETAILS of this failed attempts will be made available if U-534 is lost to history, including the emails that went back and forth.....especially the one in which the guy in Denmark whom the owner of the submarine put in charge of the negotiations threatened us with "an open hand or a closed fist".  In all the years I was in business before, even up to the level of Vice President of a large company in Chicago - I never experienced any negotiation technique in which one man offered the other "an open hand or a closed fist".
It is really sad to think that this piece of history may be lost.  We will keep you updated as we learn anything new.  In the meantime, log onto  www.sharkhunters.com  then click on TOURS to learn about our fantastic "Patrols" in Europe this year.
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