The Cross is in Peril on the grave of Grossadmiral Karl Doenitz

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From: Harry Cooper [ ]
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 6:41 AM
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Subject: The Cross is in Peril!


At the head of the grave of Grossadmiral Karl Doenitz stands a majestic stone crucifix and each year when the Sharkhunters are on "Patrol" in Germany, we always visit his grave and place fresh flowers there.  These photos are always on our website "Patrol" reports and you may see this beautiful crucifix there.


Today, this crucifix is in peril.  Grossadmiral Doenitz was buried in early 1981 and so the crucifix is that old.....and now the foundation is beginning to get weak.  The ravages of time have weakened the foundation such that the crucifix is beginning to lean and must be repaired to prevent it from toppling over.  That would be a tragedy and it must be saved!


The cost to save this priceless crucifix is only about six or seven thousand dollars, but the German Government in its refusal to have anything to do in any way with anything connected to World War II, will do nothing to help.  It therefore falls to private people to save the crucifix and preserve the grave of Grossadmiral Doenitz.


Sharkhunters is the American organization working with the U-Boot-Archive pledged to help save the crucifix and we are asking for your help - and your donation is tax deductible.


Please send your donation - in any amount.  Be sure to make your check out to SHARKHUNTERS INSTITUTE.  That is important because that is a 501 (c) (3) foundation and that means you may deduct this donation from your taxes.  In the memo section of your check, write "CRUCIFIX DONATION".  If you wish to put your donation on your credit card, send us a note, a FAX or an email to charge your donation.  Just write how much money you wish to donate and include the note CRUCIFIX DONATION.


EVERY CENT that is donated will go to the restoration fund!  Nothing will be used for administrative costs or anything else - 100% goes to the fund.


We are proceeding this way rather than have you send your donation direct to the fund for several reasons.  First, if an American donates to a foreign organization, this donation possibly may not be tax deductible but a donation to an American foundation like Sharkhunters Institute is deductible.  Second, we realize that many donations will be five or ten bucks and that is great - every dollar is all very welcome, but the foreign banks will take almost all of a check that size in fees and charges, so a donation of $10 will see only about one dollar go to the fund while the bank keeps the rest, and that is pointless.  One large check from Sharkhunters Institute (a couple thousand dollars) will only lose perhaps ten bucks - the money will go to the restoration fund and the crucifix will be restored.


Any questions, let us know - and we hope we can count on you to help save the crucifix that is the Grossadmiral's headstone.


Mail your checks to:  Sharkhunters Institute;  P. O. Box 1539;  Hernando;  FL  34442.  Fax any credit card donations to us at 1 (352) 637-6289 or send your credit card donation to us at  and many thanks!


SHARKHUNTERS - Official Worldwide Publication of U-Boat History


Harry Cooper

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