Tolling of the Boats - Explained
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Tolling of the Boats Ceremony is a Solemn Recognition and Tribute to both the Boats and  Men of the United States Submarine Navy Lost During World War Two. Who in the Performance of their Duties, when Disastrous  Events Occurred, Gave their Lives in the Service of Our Country.          


Since the Birth of our Underwater Navy in 1900, Many Sacrifices, Loss of Life, and Dedication to Duty, have made Our Volunteer Service what it is Today. These accomplishments did not come easy, or without the “Can Do” Spirit possessed by those who wear the Coveted Dolphin Insignia with Pride and Dignity.


In Remembrance of our Shipmates who have sailed on their “ Final Patrol “ = You Shall Not Be Forgotten:          


The Oceans of the World are littered with the Steel Coffins that were Home to those who Served our Nation in War and Peace.


Their Sacrifices should Live in our Memory Forever:


Whenever the Bell is Tolled for our Lost Boats and Shipmates, Keep one thing Uppermost in Your Minds : No one Forced our Lost Submariners to go to Sea on the Respective Boats to which they were assigned .They went willingly and were Proud to Serve in an all Volunteer Service. Those who chose to be Transferred to other Naval Activities, were not denied that Privilege, and were relieved of their Obligations to further serve on board  Submarines.    Honor, and Never Forget Our Fellow Submariners, who Exemplified the Courage and Desire to put their Lives on the Line in Wartime, Cold War, and Peacetime Conditions, to preserve the Freedom that we as Americans Cherish so much:


God Bless Our Submarine Navy, and God Bless America !
“ Pride Runs Deep “  


“ CJG “