Sea Fox CS Striker - 1950's

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The National Submarine Veterans Convention in September of 2004 brought many humorous tales to the SRC table. Some were more hair-raising than funny and most all represented first-disclosure. Here are a few of the best:


Rod Nielsen was just a kid working toward qualification on the Sea Fox (SS-402) in the 1950s. He was a seaman, but had always liked cooking and so the chief of the boat, Rod Nuttleman considered him a striker and he stood watches with the petty officer cooks. All went well with Seaman Nielsen and he had a quiet disdain for the other seamen who stood lookout, planes and helm watches.

Not being qualified he didn't know much about charging batteries and he certainly didn't know that what went on in the maneuvering room had an effect on his duties in the galley. For example he didn't know that when the charge reached the finishing rate the current to his oven increased - not a lot, but enough to throw his timing for roast chicken off. The chicken was hopelessly burned and there was no time for a replacement meal. He tasted one and convinced himself that the burnt flesh was hardly noticeable. Nielsen was on his own and he decided to serve the birds as they were.

Chief Nuttleman spit his first taste out and promptly relieved Nielsen of his striker status. The young submariner resigned himself to becoming one of the seamen standing lookout, planes and helm watches.