The Bible gives us over 50 descriptions about the people at the time of the end.
Since 02/07/08

These fit the people of today perfectly, but did not fit the people of fifty years ago. Here are some:

A.   Some would depart from the faith and go into devil worship-1 Tim 4:1. This is perfect.

B.    People would mock about the last days and not believe-2 Pe 3:3; Jude 18.

C.   People would become lovers of themselves-2 Tim 3:1,2. Remember the TV commercialsó"I do it for me"?

 D.   People would be disobeying their parents-2 Tim 3:1,2.

E.   People would be grateful for nothing-2 Tim 3:1,2.

Homosexuality would increase-Lk 17:28,30; ref Gen 19:5; Ro 1:24,26,27.

G.   People would be without self-control in sex-2 Tim 3:1,2,6; Rev 9:21, Lk 17:28,30; Jude 7. Is  this not the great sex generation?

   People would love pleasures more than God-2 Tim 3:1,2,4. This is true. Shall we go on a picnic, watch football, or sleep. Church?ówe can go another time. Our American motto "In  God we trust" has become a joke. Remember, these were all predicted centuries ago as part  of the signs that we are at the time of the end.


I.    People would be taking drugs-Rev 9:21. The Greek word for sorceries, in Rev 9:21, means  pharmaceuticals or drugs. Godís Word is 100% right on every one. Thatís 6 out of 6. How could you have any doubts at this point?
    Note: Fifty years ago, many people seldom locked their doors at night. There was little or no profanity on television, radio, or in the movies. One of the biggest problems in public school was gum chewing. Those days are long gone.

    7. There would be weapons that could destroy the world-Mk 13:20; Rev 6:8; Rev 9:18; Zech 14:8,12. Incredibly, this prophecy was written in the days of spears and arrows, yet today it is true.  Thatís 7 out of 7.
    Note: It is estimated that the combined nuclear arsenals of the USA and Russia (as of the year 2004) could kill every living thing on earth 6 times over.   

    8. The Gospel must be published in all the world-Mk 13:10.  This seemingly impossible prophecy was written when there was no printing press, but today it is true. That's 8 out of 8.
    Note: In this last generation, to our knowledge, the Gospel is being published (or is about to be published) in the primary language of every nation of the world or "among all nations." In addition, the Gospel is available by short-wave radio nearly everywhere in the world.     

    9. In the "latter days" when Israel was once again a nation, there would be a great military power to the extreme north of Israel in the land of Magog (which is modern-day Russia)-Ezek 38:2-4,8,15,16. Incredible. Thatís 9 out of 9.
    Note: How could the Bible have foretold the location of this nation, facts about its military, and even the time period it would come to pass? As was already said in Lk 24:25-O FOOLS, AND SLOW OF HEART TO BELIEVE ALL THAT THE PROPHETS HAVE SPOKEN. 

    10. There would be a nation to the far east of Israel, to the end of the earth. This nation would have an army of 200 million. This is astounding. How could the Bible have told the location of a nation and given such a huge figure regarding the size of its army nearly 2000 years ago? China has boasted that they could field an army of this exact figure. Thatís 10 out of 10.     

    11. There would be an economic alliance of the nations of the Old Roman Empire. It would have a military capability. This is an exact description of the European Economic Community today (the EEC), which has already adopted the one-currency system for many of their member nations. It is written, IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGS (these nations, which is now) SHALL THE GOD OF HEAVEN SET UP A KINGDOM-Dan 2:44. Thatís 11 out of 11. 
       We have just reached the point that seemed impossibleó11 perfect predictions made thousands of years agoówith God nothing is impossible.  Certainly, at this point, even the biggest skeptic should see the Bible is true, there is a God, and we are nearing the time of the end.

    About 22 prophecies in 11 sets have been given, all perfect and all written centuries ago. The chance that any person could do this 2000 years into the future is not possible. The Bible is the Word of God, and we have just proved it. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent and get baptized by full immersion. Read and obey the Gospel. God loves you. He is not willing that any should perish, yet many do.  The Rapture is close. Most people are not ready and will not be taken. However, "YOU" cannot say you did not know. Know and understand, Mt 16:26-WHAT IS A MAN PROFITED, IF HE SHALL GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD, AND LOSE HIS OWN SOUL? OR WHAT SHALL A MAN GIVE IN EXCHANGE FOR HIS SOUL?

(Note:  The Encyclopedia of Bible Prophecy has the complete list of 365 prophecies.)