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by Gilbert Ashoff




Dear Dr. Savage:


An interesting footnote and one of the major lies in the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" is that  Mr. Gore and Co. show the Perito Moreno Glacier in So. Argentina as an example of the result of global warming. In fact my wife Marjorie and I have visited this glacier 3 times. First in 1973 and again in 2004 and 2006. It is growing. It is visibly larger and pushing further across Lago Argentina.


They used this in the movie twice all the while misrepresenting its growth and in fact stating it is shrinking showing a huge chunk falling off as it does every 30 minutes or so. It is a dramatic glacier that yields tremendous photo ops to just about anyone who visits it, which I must presume is why it was used


See the below and you may recognize it from the movie.






My wife and I proceeded after Argentina into Chile in 1973 not knowing that our around the world tour then 2 years and counting would be extended as involuntary guests for 4 months of the Allende administration until 10 days before the coup on 9-11-73 when we were thrown out. That is another story for another time.


We met many years ago at a function at Silverado for then candidate for Congress, Frank Riggs, a good  friend of ours, now living in AZ. You were the lead in speaker followed by Newt Gingrich. Our daughter was assisting all of you at the podium. I do not expect you to remember this just thought I would mention passing ships.


If you ever need to get away from Marin we are 1.5 hours up the road and have naturally carbonated warm "Vichy" baths, the same as in Vichy, France. Come be our guest sometime. And no we do not participate in the local alternative "agricultural" business either as growers or consumers.


Gilbert Ashoff