Favorite "All Around" CF Pistol = Colt Python .357 Mag.

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The world's best DA revolver is a perfect match for the .357 Magnum, and the combination is unsurpassed for versatility. For hunting through home defence, this classic Colt can do it all. The Python, available only through the Colt Custom Shop as I write this, was designed for the powerful .357 cartridge from the outset. Pythons come with excellent target style, fully adjustable sights.

The vent rib barrel with full length under lug is the Python's signature feature, since copied by many of Colt's less creative competitors. It's no accident, for example, that an "L" frame S&W fits perfectly in holsters designed for the Python, since they copied not only the under lugged barrel, but also the frame size. You can have your genuine Python with a 2.5, 4, 6, or 8 inch barrel. The 4 inch and 6 inch lengths have always been the most popular. Regardless of length, all Python barrels are bored with a minute taper from forcing cone to muzzle, to insure a good grip on the bullet.

There isn't much you could not do with a 6 inch Python--except maybe conceal it. Whatever barrel you order, it will come attached to the smoothest action money can buy. And for those who want even more, ask for the Custom Shop Competition tune-up. The result is a revolver with a double action trigger pull superior to many auto pistols' out-of-the-box single action trigger pull!

Colt "Python" (USA)

Colt 'Python' with 4 in (102mm) barrel

Colt 'Python' with 2.5 in barrel

Colt 'Python Elite' with 6 in barrel

Type: Double Action
Chamber: .357 Magnum
Weight unloaded: ca. 1100 g (with 4 in barrel)
Length: 240 mm (with 4 in barrel)
Barrel length: 2.5, 4, 6 or 8 inches (64, 102, 153 or 203 mm)
Capacity: 6 rounds

The "Python" revolver was introduced by Colt company (USA) in 1955. It was available in different barrel lengths, suitable for self-defence (2.5 and 4 in barrels), service (4 and 6 in barrels), hunting and target shooting (4 - 8 in variants). Early "Pythons", especially those without letters in the serial numbers (made from 1955 until mid-1960's) were indeed very accurate guns, often compared to Manurhin MR-73's or SIG P210's. Some time ago Colt discontinued the "Python" series in favor of the more modern "Kingcobra" revolver, but it is (probably) still available through Colt Custom Shop.

All Pythons were double-action, swing-out cylinder revolvers. Sights: blade post fron sight with polymer insert; rear sights with removable sight blade are screw ajustable for both windage and elevation. Barrel is screwed into the frame and featured vented upper rib and full-lenght bottom rib that houses full lenght extractor rod. Internal safety consists of Colt's patented transfer bar and cylinder stop (fixes cylinder when hammer is cocked).