Enviro-wackos clamor to ban water
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Subject: Enviro-wackos clamor to ban water

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Douglas Mills



This one made me laugh. No. This one still has me laughing.

The comedy team of Penn and Teller took a break from their Bush-bashing, and turned their attention to radical environmentalists. During the 6th annual World Fest, "a solar-powered celebration of music, the environment, animals, health and social consciousness", circulated a petition to ban water, and proceeded to brilliantly underscore the absurdity of these enviro-causes!

The woman didn't lie, instead she explained what water is and what it does (including that it causes excessive urination), with the vocabulary and tone of environmental hysteria. What ensues is absolutely hysterical as hundreds of environmentalists eagerly supported the banning of water!

Read the entire Newsbusters.org report:


To access this hysterical video:


This just in... Big media (a.k.a liberal media), are ignoring some good news in the war on terror. It appears that support for Osama Bin Laden, suicide bombings and one-way trips to see the 72 virgins, is waning in the Muslim world--this according to a July 24, 2007 Pew Global Attitudes survey. The findings have been nothing short of incredible. Muslims who believe suicide bombings are justified some or all of the time plummeted from 79 percent in 2002 to 34 percent!

Could the Muslim world be turning their backs on extremism?

If so, this is a huge story; however, not one that any of the major news or television networks even bothered to mention it during the July 24 evening newscasts.

Is the media so entrenched in their Anti-War agenda that they refuse to report news that could indicate a potentially hopeful outcome in the war on terror?

Read the full Culture and Media Institute report:


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