Are you prepared for an Emergency?  Here is some helpful info.

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Being ready for an emergency

The devastation from Hurricane Katrina has made us all stop to consider our level of disaster preparedness. Are you confident you'd know what to do in the event of an emergency? Do you have everything you need to deal with a fire, earthquake, storm, or other disaster? To help you get started, we've organized some excellent online resources—so you're better prepared before disaster strikes.

General emergency sites:

Things you can do to prepare: Preparing for specific disasters:


First aid and medical care: Locating loved ones: Children and others with special needs: Pets:
EarthLink cares:
We have established to help family and friends connect with victims of the devastating events in the Gulf Coast. Search our database, add information if you know someone is safe, or check the links to other national Hurricane Katrina survivor databases.