Al Gore Is Nuts - Second Record Breaker Lie on Human caused Global Warming
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For the second day in a row, our special report exposing Al Gore's "convenient lie" on global warming has broken sales records for a single day.

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Al Gore's Convenient Lie:
The Global Warming Spin

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The global warming controversy has been heating up as the media issues dire warnings about the planet's future.

Riding the media heat wave, Al Gore recently released his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth."

Despite plaudits from the major media, NewsMax Magazine finds that the film, in fact, offers some "convenient lies."

In the July edition, you'll find out if all the talk about global warming points to a legitimate threat - or if it's a lot of hot air.

NewsMax Magazine's special report "Al Gore Spins Global Warming" debunks many widely promulgated notions about the global warming threat and finds that truth is the first casualty in Gore's apocalyptic film.

The compelling report by Lowell Ponte author of the best-selling book about changing climate, "The Cooling" and Marc Morano details the propaganda blitz about global warming . . . and the facts it obscures.

The "Global Warming" edition of NewsMax Magazine is already on newsstands across the country (including many Barnes & Noble, Hastings, Follett, and other major bookstores).

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This exclusive NewsMax report explores:

This blockbuster edition of NewsMax Magazine addresses the key questions surrounding the controversy: Is global warming caused by human activity and is it really happening at all?

Or, as Sen. James Inhofe has said, is global warming "the greatest single hoax ever perpetrated on the American people"?

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