Diodon 6th Annual Reunion from Don Messner
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Subject: Diodon 6th Annual Reunion

To: Diodon Shipmates

From: Don Messner Diodon crew 54-57

Subj: 6th Annual Diodon Shipmate Reunion

Enclosed you'll find info on subject reunion. 2 years ago we held the 4th Diodon reunion at the same place and found the accommodations to be outstanding. We were the first group to commemorate the return of the USS Razorback, SS-394, to the US, and it will again be the focal point of the reunion. If you recall, she was a sister sub in Squadron 5 - tied up to the Nereus. They tell me that more restoration has taken place so it must really look in fine shape.

Our reunion will be held in conjunction with the US Submarine Veterans Inc
(USSVI) annual convention in Little Rock. If you want to participate in this event, you must register separately for it. Registration info and materials are found in the back pages of any recent American Submariner, the USSVI's official publication.

If you need more info on either event, call me, mail me or e-mail me and I'll walk you through the steps.

Looking forward to seeing you in North Little Rock, AR home of the Razorback.

Keep a Zero Bubble and Pressure in the Boat.

Don Messner
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218-885-3889 after mid March e-mail ss349@mchsi.com or
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